Blast Works


"I was looking for a way to clean up my 55 Chevy that I was starting on. I knew it had to be blasted some kind of way. I initially thought about soda blasting but after some research I found out that a lot of the paint manufactures will not warranty the paint when soda blasting is used. And being familiar with sand blasting, I knew it was going to be too harsh on my body panels and warp them. I was in limbo until my buddy brought me a pamphlet with Richard's company (Blast Works). After reading about the process and doing some research, I called Richard for an estimate. Richard was very courteous and knowledgeable about his equipment and reassured me that no panels would be warped and the mess was going to be very minimal. Richard did the job and I was very satisfied. I found him diligent and caught every area that I asked him to do. It was a very hot day when the car was done but he stuck with it until late that evening to make sure the job was completed.

I have recommended Blast Works to all of the people I know and also to people I run across working on old cars, tractors, etc. And the best part is that my 55 was not running and was completely stripped down so by Richard coming to me saved me a lot of heartache (Thanks Richard).

If you need something blasted and need it done thoroughly, I definitely recommend Blast Works for the job!"


"Had Blast Works, LLC come out and blast a 28' gooseneck, flatbed trailer for my company. Blasted in our lot without all the mess like conventional sand blasting. Richard was very thorough and got entire trailer stripped down to bare metal in no time.

After blasting, Richard pressured washed trailer with a rust inhibitor so we were able to start priming the next day. Thanks Richard for a quick turnaround so we could put this trailer back to work. We recommend Blast Works, LLC for any blasting that needs to be done."


"I own a paint and body shop (On the go Auto), and really needed to find a vendor to do periodic blasting. Whether it be a fender, truck, car, piece of equipment, etc. I found that vendor with Blast Works. I was given a pamphlet by one of my customers and after doing a little thinking, I decided to give Richard a try. This was over a year ago and since then, I've used him on at least 9 vehicles and even a backhoe job that someone needed painting. I would recommend Blastworks to anyone needing media blasting. He's meticulous, punctual, and honest."


"Great method and very affective. All of the jobs I have seen look amazing! I would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for paint removal. (Also the lowest cost with the best outcome I have yet to find)"


"This is a really neat, clean and effective way of resurfacing or removing layers of paint and coatings that cannot be done with other methods. Richard is courteous and prompt and (most importantly) he is good."