Baking Soda Is a Durable Cleaner

Restore the look of your items with soda blasting

Baking soda has a wide range of uses, from baking to cleaning. However, many people don't realize how it can be used to clean tough surfaces, like fiberglass and cement, delicately. Blast Works LLC offers soda blasting services that will help you clean and deodorize your items.

Soda blasting has even been used to clean the Statue of Liberty since the 1980s. Learn how we can use soda blasting to clean any object in your home by contacting us today.

Reveal a cleaner surface

Reveal a cleaner surface

With our soda blasting technique, we can get rid of years of tarnish, dirt and dust. This method is a great option for thinner materials like wood. Soda blasting can also:

  • Deodorize items after a fire
  • Remove rust
  • Eliminate grease

We’ll make sure your surfaces are 100% clean once we’re done. Get a free soda blasting quote by calling 337-849-7579 now.