Heavy Corrosion? No Problem.

Opt for garnet blasting services to get rid of stubborn materials

Sometimes an object is covered in hardened rust or looks like it's been heavily corroded. Don't give up on it just yet-turn to Blast Works LLC for garnet blasting service. This heavy-duty blasting technique can eliminate even the toughest materials. Our garnet blasting service is environmentally friendly and great for harder medias. We can cut through dense materials to reveal the original surface without damaging it. To get a free garnet blasting estimate, call us right now.

The harder the material, the better

The harder the material, the better

Since this blasting technique is more abrasive than the other ones, it’s only recommended for use on very dense materials and substrates. We can use the garnet blasting method on:

  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Brick

We’ll get through the corrosive areas and layers of rust to reveal what’s left of the original substance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.